PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician 3rd and final edition has been released on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 by Sunbury Press Inc. 


A biographical historical fiction novel based on actual facts in the life of Pythagoras, the First Philosopher.


Discover who the real Pythagoras was within the pages of this philosophical work of historical fiction. This controversial novel looks at the first philosopher from an unfamiliar perspective to most Western readers and scholars. El Koussa stands in the vanguard of a new generation of writers and thinkers who are bringing the rich and diverse history of the Phoenician culture to a new audience.

−Short Synopsis−

After receiving a strange prophecy at the Temple of Delphi, in Greece, revealing the coming of a child, who would be a kind of a savior to mankind, the couple was amazed at the unexpected destiny facing them. A similar prediction was revealed to them as well by the Priests of Adonis coming from Gebel (Byblos). A few months later, Pythagoras was born in Saydoun, Phoenicia, sometimes around 575-570 BCE, from a Tyrian father in his forties and a Saydounian mother in her late twenties. Pythagoras was then Phoenician by birth not Greek as traditionally believed.

The child grew up, surrounded by his father who taught him about ships, the geography of the Mediterranean Sea, and trading. His father was a merchant who sailed a lot between Phoenicia and Greece, all around the Mediterranean, taking the child with him from time to time. He later was taught poetry and music, geometry and astronomy by wise men. His teachings evolved especially with Thales and his uncle Pherecydes.

After he had his early years of formation, Pythagoras traveled back to Phoenicia where he was instructed in the secret teachings of the priests of Gebel, Sayda, Sur (Tyre) … and Mt.Carmel. Later on, he sailed to Egypt where he received his Major Initiation at the temples of Memphis and inside the Pyramids. The final ritual of the Initiation required him to sleep three days and three nights in Osiris’ sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber at the heart of the Great Pyramid. In their beliefs, “no one can escape death, but every spirit is destined for a resurrection.” When the light of Osiris shone upon him after three days, he rose from his tomb and heard the High Priest, Sonchis, uttering: “Here you are now, resurrected, and have experienced the Great Mystery. You have defeated death and achieved actual immortality. You will realize now that He is in You and that You are in Him. You are everything that is, everything that was, and everything that will be. You have become what you are.”

He was still there when the Persians invaded Egypt, and was driven out into Babylon as an exile, or a religious prisoner. There, he learned the secrets of the Zoroastrians, Chaldeans and the Gymnosophists. Liberated, years later, Pythagoras, around 51 years of age, returned to Samos in Greece, his second country, around 520 BCE. He was shocked to find out that a ruler under the authority of the Persian King had demolished Samos. Schools and Temples were shut down. Scientists and poets escaped the dictatorship of the Persian Empire. It was indeed a cultural disaster …

The remaining exhilarating parts of the story are for you to discover by obtaining your copy …

Info :

This new 3rd edition of 2010 is fully revised, edited, and expanded
412 pages, 5.5 × 8.5, with approximately 118,000 words
Public price: Paperback $19.95 / ebook: $6.99
Literary Genre: Historical Fiction / Religious Fiction / Philosophy

Copyright © 2010, by Karim El Koussa
All Rights reserved.
Published by Sunbury Press Inc
Camp Hill, PA
ISBN 978-1-934597-16-3
Printed in the United States of America
October 2010

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1st US edition

This old edition of 2005 is out of stock. 
Around 200 pages
First edition—LEB 2001 (self-published)
Literary Genre: Historical Fiction—Religious Fiction—Philosophy.

Copyright © 2005, by Karim El Koussa
All Rights reserved.
Published by Cloonfad Press
Cassville, NJ
ISBN 978-0-976940-42-5
Printed in the United States of America
October 2005