El Koussa accepts the SAÏD AKL AWARD for his historical fiction novel: «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician».

On the 19th of December 2001, at the Lebanese Press Syndicate, the poet and thinker Saïd Akl, gave his 90th award to the Lebanese young author, Karim El Koussa.

The prize called the “Queen word” appeared in Karim’s great book Pythagoras, the Mathemagician. The event began with the Lebanese Anthem, and then Mr. Fouad Alharaka, representative of the head of the Lebanese Press Syndicate, Mr. Mohamad Baalbecki, congratulated the author on his deep effort that accompanied the writing of his book.

“I’m very happy that I’m giving my prize to Karim”, Saïd Akl declared. “I’m indeed very proud of that work on the Great Pythagoras.” He continued.

The author, Karim El Koussa thanked the poet Saïd Akl on his award. Great thanks went to the Lebanese Press syndicate on their generous and fair-enough welcoming open hands.

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