Sunbury Press Inc. has released on Monday, June 14, 2021, this powerful, contentious title: The KABBALISTIC Visions – And the Secrets of the Phoenician Tradition by Ars Metaphysica, its mystery/religious imprint.


An esoteric work of three Parts that may shed light on our true divine nature and our direct relationship with the Divine Archetype, the Universe, and Humanity.


It essentially tackles our substantial duty toward the existence as a whole, our Unitas state. It also delves high and deep into the Initiatic Secrets of the original Phoenician Tradition of the Kabbala that was first ever accepted by Enoch, the seer of visions on Mt. Hermon in the ancient land of Phoenicia, and reveals its essential differences with the Chaldean Kabbala incorporated by Jewish Kabbalists.

–Short Synopsis–

Part I deals with Enoch’s Acceptance of the Divine Laws from the Angels of God, say, the Good Watchers, the authentic Tradition of the Kabbala he was entrusted to transmit to Phoenician Initiates first. We next discover The First Initiation Temple on Mt. Hermon and its copies all over the Phoenician Land before Transmitting the Tradition primary to Egypt along with the masonic operative work of the Temple and its gradual spread all across the world. We also tackle the undoubtedly Phoenician connection to the Christian Savior by revealing The Sacerdotal Line to Jesus Christ, before ending this exploratory and explanatory Part with the foundation of The Babylonian Brotherhood in Babylon through Persian influence, and that which stands as a deviated and corrupted form of the Initiatic Tradition from its often recognized—but systemically overlaid original—Phoenician/Egyptian system taught by the very few chosen adepts of the Great White Fraternity.

In Part II, we deliver the three essential levels that will altogether awaken the human unconscious to become conscious of itself. They are depicted in the following manner– First, The Sacred Alphabet: the 22 letters of the Alphabet’s Occult Doctrine; the Enochian-Hermetic Kabbala. The twenty-two visions here presented are my personal experience with the esoteric and occult meanings of the 22 Alphabetical letters inscribed in the authentic Phoenician Tradition. Second, The Occult Numbers: the 10 Divine Powers in action within the Macrocosm and Microcosm, movers of the Kosmos and rulers of all forms and ideas, presented in 10 meditations (1 to 10) taken from Pythagoras’ esoteric interpretation and occult teachings. Last, The Mystic Symbols: the 8 symbols herein presented carry deep mystical meanings that shall trigger one’s primordial faculties of both intuition and inspiration. With every new mystical revelation, a flicker of light awakens the state of one’s intuitive and inspirational knowledge for a higher understanding of the Kosmic secrets.

Part III covers knowledgeable apprehension On God or Deity in its global general form but with emphasis on the Canaanite-Phoenician perception of the Divine Archetype and the concept of Monotheism, which had initially originated with Phoenician High Priests and Initiates (El the Most High and His Assembly of Gods). Then, a chapter On Creation and Man, where we tackle the very concept of the creation of the universe, the physical manifestation of Man in its dual nature—Male and Female—which is not but a division from unity, the implication of such partition, and how can we restore union with the One. Followed by a chapter in which we reveal some of the mysteries On the Secrets of Initiation, naturally Phoenician Initiation, engaging other than Enoch himself, very well-known characters in the ancient Initiatic Circles, such as Tubal-Cain, Hiram Abif, Melki-Sedek, etc.! Finally, an introductory On the Ancient and Primitive Phoenician Rite!

And there … inside the Sanctum Sanctorum, the marble statue of the Most High stood in golden ethereal light behind the Altar of life, presiding over the most sacred rituals of all times, that of Bread and Wine, observing the journey of Initiation of the Human body from Aleph till Tau, from the moment of Birth to the time of Death and the glimpse of Resurrection into the Spiritual Realm, quenching its thirst from the cup of Immortality, the Holy Grail, all balanced by Him, God the Father, the Universal Mind, the Great Monad, the One.

I am greatly honored to have Brother Timothy Hogan (Grand Master of the Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates and the Templar Collegia) reviewing the book and presenting it with a beautiful Foreword.
I also feel committed to giving my appreciation to both Jonny Enoch (Esoteric Researcher, and Host on Gaia TV) and Dr. Jean-Marc Aractingi (Former Ambassador Extraordinary. Member of the Direction of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of the World Masonic Union. Grand Commander of the Supreme Arab Masonic Council. President of the Supreme Council of the French Grand Lodge of the Primitive Scottish Rite) for reading the book and reviewing it on the back cover.

Info : 281 Pages, 6 × 9, with approximately 101,000 words including Sacred Alphabet and Symbols
Public price: Paperback $19.95 / ebook: $9.99
Literary Genre: Religious History / Esoterism
Cover illustration by Maria Matta (

Copyright © 2021, by Karim El Koussa
All Rights reserved.
Published by ARS METAPHYSICA an imprint of Sunbury Press Inc
Mechanicsburg, PA
ISBN 978-1-62006-478-8
Printed in the United States of America
June 2021

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