In addition to awards, citations, media appearances, translation into other languages, TV Series project, and world wide recognition, the books (published by Sunbury Press Inc.) were also listed, selected, referenced and mentioned by/in :

~ Listing: «The School of Sacred Geometry» in Sedona (USA) and Tokyo (Japan), listed «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» in their Curriculum and Library as one of their 21 Commentaries / Books on the School of Pythagoras.

~ Selection: «Teachers at Work—A column about teaching», an article published in Visual Thesaurus, February 27, 2008, in which veteran US teacher Debbie Shults selected «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» as one of the two books that vividly tell the story of one of the most important fathers of math knowledge.

~ Reference: «Encyclopedia of World History», compiled/edited by Marsha E. Ackermann, Michael J. Schroeder, Janice J. Terry, Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur, and Mark F. Whitters, and Published by Facts on File Inc., an imprint of Infobase Publishing, New York, 2008, in which author John Walsh cites «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» as a reference book for further reading on the life of Pythagoras in the short bio article he wrote on this great historical character.

~ Reference: «On Pythagoreanism (Studia Praesocratica)», an edited book compiled by Richard McKirahan, Constantinos Macris, and Brazilian editor Gabriele Cornelli of the Universidade de Brasilia, and Published in Berlin/Boston by Walter de Gruyter GmbH, October 2013, in which author Christoph Riedweg mentions «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» as an illuminating reference in one of the footnotes and lists it in the biography.

~ Reference: «Pythagorean Music Theory, Tha Pythagorean Harp (Kanon) Renaissance of Resonance», a musical study in which American musician Jim Doney Mandalatrece mentions «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» as a reference for his musical discoveries and knowledge.

~ Reference: «Ancient Civilization: Fifth Grade Social Science Lesson, Activities, Discussion Questions and Quizzes» , a book Published by HomeSchool Brew, July 2014, in which author Terri Raymond suggested a list of 15 books dealing with the Phoenician civilization for further readings, among them, «The PHOENICIAN Code».

~ Reference: «The Way of the Templar», Published by Lulu, November 2015, in which author Timothy Hogan referenced «JESUS the Phoenician» among the Recommended Reading and Sources mentioned in his book.

~ Reference: «Pythagoras: Mathematician and Mystic», Published by the Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., New York, 2016, in which authors Louis C. Coakley and Dimitra Karamanides mentions «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician» among a few reference books, for further reading.

~ Listing: «The Maronite Academy» around the world has opted to list me among the most famous Lebanese Authors, along with Khalil Gibran (1883-1931), and Emily Nasrallah (1931-).

~ Featured: the 4th edition of «The World’s Best of the Best and Most Illustrious — Men, Women, Places, Awards and Accomplishments», published by Times Square Press, New York, November 2019, honours and features me as an accomplished author of mind-stimulating books, as well as «The PHOENICIAN Code» upcoming TV Series by Northern Star Pictures, Inc.

~ Reference: «Les Chrétiens d’Orient et le Dieu à Venir», Published by Éditions Saër Al Mashrek, Beirut, 2020, in which professor, thinker and author of works in Religion, Philosophy and History, etc., Dr. Jad Hatem mentions, refers to my three books; «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician», «JESUS the Phoenician» and «Le CODE Phénicien» and lists them in the bibliography.

~ Mentioning: 10 studies (Papers) uploaded to «Academia» refer to me and my literary work.