Book Cover & From the Inside (Pages 207 – 209)

El Koussa was honored in the 4th edition of «The World’s Best of the Best and Most Illustrious — Men, Women, Places, Awards and Accomplishments».

The book was published by Times Square Press, New York, December 2019, and featured the author as one of the PERSONALITIES FROM THE MIDDLE EAST WHO ARE ON THE INTERNATIONAL LIST OF THE MOST ADMIRED MEN AND WOMEN IN THE WORLD; 2019-2020. SECTION; MIDDLE EAST/ARAB WORLD.

The book recognized him as an accomplished author of mind-stimulating books, as well as «THE PHOENICIAN CODE» upcoming International TV Series in a fast-track Development now by Northern Star Pictures, Inc., as well as a note on «JESUS the Phoenician».

Source; THE BOOK; Karim El Koussa

Northern Star Pictures, Inc. has optioned the rights to «The PHOENICIAN Code,» a novel by award winning Lebanese author Karim El Koussa. The California based production company has fast-tracked the project and is developing the international theological thriller as a TV Series of 3 to 5 seasons (8 episodes per Season) for television or streaming. First published in the US, 2011 by Sunbury Press, the novel has been translated in Arabic and French and has ranked in the US publisher top best sellers and in the Religious and Fiction categories on Amazon. It’s the story of a Lebanese-American historian whose life is turned upside down when he becomes the target of assassins. He is forced to flee into the shadows and dig deep into ancient history to expose the secret society determined to kill him.

“Imagine Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code! a compelling, entertaining story with some exciting action set pieces,” said writer-producer Pierre Lapointe. Versatile actor Nick Tarabay, known from the STARZ network series Spartacus, is playing the lead role in the series as Paul Khoury. The project is being pitched to broadcasters and distributors and scheduled for release in fall 2020.

Karim El Koussa is a very creative and resourceful author. He is noted for his book «JESUS the Phoenician» which made a big buzz in 2013.

“My work is a mixture of religion, history, philosophy, spirituality and esoteric inner insights. Life itself is nothing but a deep hidden insight, emerging out of the Mind of God, a journey, which I am trying to discover – a strange, yet magnificent journey inside the human life. It is now the age of the Homo-Cosmicus. So, meditate on the human potential of becoming cosmic.” said El Koussa.

You will find the work of Karim El Koussa mind-stimulating.

(French-American journalist/editor Marjorie Lerner)