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The Kabbalistic Visions


My work is a mixture of Religion, History, Philosophy, Spirituality and Esoteric inner insights. With over 25 years of extensive research into the Religion and History of the world with a special focus on the Canaanite-Phoenician and Egyptian Traditions as well as the Christian Religion, Mr. El Koussa has gathered a well-rounded knowledge in the writing of specialized books that are acknowledged, awarded and widely read.

Life itself is nothing but a deep hidden insight, emerging out of the Mind of God, a Journey, which I am trying to discover—a strange, yet magnificent Journey inside the Human Life.

It has always been a query of the Human mind to know and comprehend the world we are living in and the world that lies beyond.

Philosophy, Religion, and Science have been the Knights that have fought the great battle; the lifting of the veil of the unknown.

Humanity, however, has been embedded in a labyrinth, one that very few escape. This liberation that we’re all seeking as Human Beings, does not occur through the belief in Philosophical, Religious and Scientific «Dogmas & I repeat Dogmas,» but rather through the free will and the in-depth implication with & into their Esoteric hidden side – with & into OUR inner Spirituality.

As Above so Below, echoed in the ears of the wise. These few Initiates recognized in man the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. It is upon each one of us to seek Individual Consciousness, thus to be able to commune a Collective one.

It is now the age of the Homo-Cosmicus. So Meditate on the Human Potential of Becoming Cosmic on the image of Christ.

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Coming in 2024/25/26
The first book of a Sci-Fi/Mythology saga that will be written as a book series, most probably, a trilogy.

The Kabbalistic Visions

NEW 1st US edition
An esoteric work that may shed light on our true divine nature and our direct relationship with the Divine Archetype, the Universe, and Humanity.

le code couverture

1st French edition
Un thriller basé sur des faits historiques et religieux étonnants, manipulés par un groupe secret qui existerait du temps du Christ, et révélés aujourd’hui dans ce roman.

Al Shifra

1st Lebanese edition

رواية تحتوي على الكثير من الأحداث المتسارعة تربط التاريخ السحيق بالزمان الحاضر. ستجدونها شيقة حقاً وممتعة. كما ستكشف حقائق تاريخيّة، دينيّة وروحيّة قد تجعلكم تفكّرون بأمور كثيرة وربما تقلب مفاهيمكم رأسًا على عقب


1st US edition
A book of religious history that is sure to challenge conventional thinking about the origins of Jesus Christ, not only among Christians in the west but in the entire world.

The Phoenician Code

2nd US edition
A fictional thriller novel based on astounding historical and religious facts. Much more than just an anti-thesis to The DaVinci Code.


2nd US edition
Discover who the real Pythagoras was within the pages of this philosophical work of historical fiction.


In addition to his literary writing, El Koussa is also currently working on multiple Films and TV Series Projects that will be announced soon! 
Announcement : Phoenix Oracle, a Serialized Mystery Historical Esoteric Docu-Series (Click below for more information)
Announcement : The Quest, a Serialized Mystery Sci-fi Thriller (Click below for more information)      
Note : The Phoenician Code, a Serialized Adventure Drama Thriller (Click below for more information)