> El Koussa, Karim – Appearance on LBCi’s “Min Loubnan” [2006]

. Karim appeared in a special episode of “Min Loubnan” (From Lebanon), on LBCI, one of the biggest television networks in Lebanon. It was a series of 2-3 minutes that mentions every day bright Lebanese Movie & Television stars; Authors, Artists, Poets, Scientists, Musicians, Athletes and Politicians. The Award Winning Lebanese Author’s episode was broadcasted on Tuesday, Nov 7, 2006 before the 03:00 PM & 08:00 PM news.

The author watched with joy and excitement the episode of “Min Loubnan” featuring him as one of the Lebanese who are serving Lebanon with pride by being one of its young authors. It was beautifully done, so touching indeed, yet, he knows for sure, that the road is on and the dream is not yet over. Hence, he would like to quote from Samuel Johnson who once wrote: “The chief glory of every people arises from its authors.” He therefore wants to express his gratitude to the team of “Min Loubnan”, and the LBCI as well, for the great opportunity they offered him on Tuesday, Nov 7, 2006.

> El Koussa, Karim – Appearance on ANB’s “Tourist Guide” [2008]

. Award Winning Lebanese Author Karim El Koussa appeared on the Lebanese TV station ANB in the special episode of “Tourist Guide”, reported by Olivia Dahdah and featuring the Northern Mountain Town of Ehden and some of its municipal, clerical, cultural, artistic, media and environmental personalities, August 2008.

ANB’s full Episode :

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